Dein Warenkorb

Photography & Animation

I found the perfect way to combine a few of my hobbies & interests. While exploring my surroundings, for example via day trips, I have always enjoyed taking photos. Mostly on my phone, sometimes with my familys vintage analog cameras. Recently, I also started doing small animations for this. 

Stuttgart, captivates with its unique blend of modern innovation and rich cultural heritage. Nestled in the heart of Baden-Württemberg, this vibrant city is a haven for automotive enthusiasts, housing the world-renowned Mercedes-Benz and Porsche museums. Beyond that, offers picturesque parks, a captivating blend of special  architecture, and a welcoming atmosphere that embraces both tradition and contemporary allure.

Bayreuth, is a cultural gem known for hosting the annual Bayreuth Festival, celebrating the works of composer Richard Wagner. The city’s baroque architecture, including the impressive Margravial Opera House, is a testament to its rich history. Bayreuth invites to explore its charming streets, and appreciate the enchanting landscapes that surround this Bavarian town.

Nestled along the Neckar River, Tübingen, beckons with its medieval charm. The cobblestone streets and colorful half-timbered houses of the Altstadt create a postcard-worthy backdrop. Tübingen’s lively atmosphere, coupled with its historic market square and botanical gardens, makes it a delightful destination where the old-world charm seamlessly blends with the energy of a university town.

Munich, or München in German, is a captivating blend of Bavarian tradition and cosmopolitan flair, offering a dynamic experience.  Munich boasts architectural marvels like the olympic stadium, world-class museums, and the iconic Marienplatz, creating an enticing fusion of history, art, and modern urban life to explore.

Nestled in the heart of the Austrian Alps, Innsbruck enchants with its stunning alpine scenery and historical charm. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks, the old town, with its colorful buildings and the Golden Roof, transports visitors to a bygone era, while the innovative architecture adds a contemporary flair to this Austrian gem.

Karlsruhe, welcomes with a harmonious blend of history, innovation, and green spaces. The city’s centerpiece, the Baroque-style Karlsruhe Palace, anchors the urban layout with its fan-shaped streets. The botanical gardens and the expansive Schlossgarten provide green escapes. 


Photography helps me to look at the world closely in order to capture the best details.
Animation trains my eye for movement. In general, it fascinates me to be able to look at my own progress and to continue to improve as a result. – That motivates me!


Alina Remlinger


Lightroom, Capcut, Figma