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Tool for preparing and conducting interactive online lectures

For two years now, the way we study has shifted 180 degrees. Life and learning at universities no longer takes place exclusively at the university itself, but remotely from home to at least the same extent. Lectura is designed to assist lecturers and thus increase students‘ learning success.


In discussions with lecturers and students, we were able to gain many insights into the current situation of online teaching:

  • Attention and participation is limited by a lack of interpersonal connection.
  • Inhibition barrier to authentic participation is artificially high.
  • Video conferencing tools encourage unnatural spatial behavior.
  • Preparation of interactive methods and lectures is complicated
„If I don’t know the lecturers, I think they don’t know me either, so they won’t notice if I’m absent or not working well.
-Studtent in an Interview

We found that interactive and structured lectures lower the inhibition threshold, which at the same time increases participation, attention and therefore learning success. Unfortunately, these structured and interactive lectures hardly ever take place.

„Students have no opportunity to interact with each other, they cannot see each other’s question marks on their faces, which makes it more awkward for them to ask questions..
-University Professor

Integrating different tools into the lecture to make it structured and rich in interaction turns out to be unnecessarily complicated. This increases the workload and the mental workload of the lecturers, in addition to the already stressful everyday life.
Which is why some don’t even dare to try to structure their lectures interactively.


How can we support teachers in preparing and implementing online lectures in an organized, structured and interactive way?

Preparation of lectures

Lecturers should be supported in preparing their online lectures so that they are structured and prepared interactively in a simple way. Automatically generated suggestions from the application reduce the preparation effort.

Conduction of lectures

Lecturers must and should also maintain control and an absolute overview during the lecture. The timeline, reminders, notes and the toolbox provide everything you need.

Attendance of the lecture

A structured and well-organized lecture is proven to increase learning success, but we were also able to identify further potential and features on the student side that we would like to make available to learners.

Visual Design.

We decided for a dark theme to have the general UI more in the background as the lectures content is the important part of the application. The orange is an attention grabbing color, which is also associated with happiness and a good mood. -Perfect to be motivated for learning!


I personally found it particularly difficult with this project to summarize and condense all the information from the research and our interviews, as well as all the thoughts we had during the course of the project. The topic is already quite complex and could be embedded in a much larger system, e.g. in the form of a teaching platform for organizational and administrative tasks.
But the project also needs to be presented clearly and accessibly in presentations, exhibitions and case studies such as this one.


Daisy Muntean, Viki Schmidt, Alina Remlinger


Prof. Marc Guntow + Ludwig Kannicht
Lean Design Projekt
6th semester – 4 months


Miro, Figma, Premiere Pro, InDesign