ProAccess Titelbild Cutting Edge Award


Entry for STIHL Cutting Edge Award 2020

ProAccess is an innovative technology to protect your tools from theft and was created as a contribution to the STIHL Cutting Edge Award 2020.



2020 - 5 days


Miro, Figma


As we found out in our research, high-value tools are repeatedly stolen from construction sites and from vans. In 2018, almost 25,000 theft cases were recorded on construction sites. The number of unreported cases is believed to be significantly higher.

Therefore, we have formulated the problem for ourselves: How can we effectively protect STIHL tools against thieves?


We assume that future generations of STIHL tools will already have a modernised Smart Connectors integrated. In future, STIHL tools will only work if the owner is carrying a smart "key" and is in the immediate proximity of the tool.

The system is integrated into the existing STIHL connected app. This can also be used to authorise equipment access for several other people, or in the case of a rental, for a certain period of time.

Features Konzept


  • Unlocking tools
    New ProAccess keys can be added in just a few steps via the STIHL connected app. To do this, the ProAccess key is linked once to the smartphone to unlock the tool. This allows supported tools to be released for other users.
ProAccess Gerätstatus
STIHL cut-off machine. (o. J.). [Photography].
  • Keyless Access
    As with modern cars, the tool can only be used if there is a corresponding key nearby. The STIHL tool can be linked to the STIHL connected app either via the ProAccess key or via a smartphone. The tool status and fill levels can also be viewed in the app.
ProAccess Konzept Appscreens
  • Mark stolen tools
    Information on the last known connection can be viewed via the STIHL connected app.
    In case of theft, the corresponding tool can be marked as stolen.
ProAccess Gerät gefunden
  • Find stolen equipment
    As soon as other STIHL connected users are in the vicinity of the stolen tool, a Bluetooth connection is automatically established and the location of the stolen tool is sent to the owner.
Features Keyless Access
personal image. (2020). [Photography] © Mario Rieker
  • Functions with all tools
    The ProAccess can be adapted to all types of equipment that have an integrated Smart Connector. The fields of application range from forestry to landscape maintenance to use on construction sites.


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    * The content of the app screens were created based on the existing STIHL connected app.
    * The image material used in the app screens is the property of Andreas STIHL AG & Co. KG