Organization software for kindergardens.

In kindergartens, a lot has to be documented, organized and planned. This requires a lot of time from educators. Many daycare centers still work on paper because the existing applications are complex, confusing and difficult to use.


Luzie Funk, Marla Wagner, Alina Remlinger


Thomas Techert
Application design 2
4th semester - 4 months


Miro, Figma, Illustrator, Aftereffects


Our research quickly revealed that existing programs are complicated, confusing and difficult to use. Especially for the age group that has less affinity for using digital applications, the software poses major hurdles. Users are constantly afraid of doing something wrong.


A flat hierarchy is intended to make the operation of the application uncomplicated, time-saving and simple. All important information and daily events should be visible at a glance. So that the educators have more time for the most important thing: the children. In addition to the clear dashboard, we defined three different use cases for the further conception of the application, which we then detailed.


The menu offers the possibility to access the individual widgets to get more information. All the information about the children can be managed under the Children menu tab. The intuitive icon language and a flat hierarchy allow to recognize all the important information about the child at a glance. Alles, was das Kind gelernt hat, lässt sich schnell und einfach zum Entwicklungsstand hinzufügen.

Within minutes, letters to parents can be created. The form guides the user through the creation of the messages. Surveys, read receipts and important attachments can be created and uploaded right here. Responses and reactions can be retrieved right in the application. This makes communication with parents quick and easy.

Furthermore, kindergartens regularly have events that need to be planned. By filling out a pop-up, the event is entered in the calendar in just a few steps, all participants are notified and are therefore always up to date.

Visual design.

With neutral colors and clean elements we support the clarity of the program. The organic curves and a few colorful accent colors integrate the lively environment of the kindergarten into the application. For icons and fonts, good readability or recognizability was important to us. We also paid special attention to micro-interactions, which support the user experience.

Project Video Orki.


This was the first project in which we ever dealt with micro-interactions or micro-animations. I learned a lot and realized what a big difference such small details can make.