Interaction designer

with a passion for ux & prototyping

How I work.

Creating Meaningful Interactions

Interaction Design focuses on all kinds of interactions between users and (digital) products. From apps and websites to interactive systems for vehicle operation or washing machines.

My goal is to create effective interactions that meet user needs and goals while providing usability and an enjoyable experience. To achieve this, I use user research, creative problem-solving as well as design thinking skills.

From Conception to Prototype.

My primary focus is on conception and prototyping. I enjoy coming up with creative and innovative ideas that guide the design process and ensure that the product ultimately created is both useful and desirable for its intended users. Believing that prototypes are essential in the design process to test usability and integrate user feedback into iterations. I use various tools and techniques, such as click dummies and Arduino to create and refine prototypes throughout the design process.

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My latest projects.


ÔÇô user centered tractor operation system


Tool for preparing & conducting interactive online lectures.